• Shyam Lal College (Evening)

    Courses Taught


    Courses Offered

    1. Core Courses (CC). A core course is a compulsory course. A student of BA Honours in Economics has to take fourteen such economics courses across six semesters.
    2. Elective Courses (EC). An elective course is a course that is to be chosen from a specified set of courses. These courses are of two types.
    1. (a) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE): These are elective courses that provide advanced undergraduate training in specialized areas of Economics. A set of seven, semester-specific, courses of this kind is offered in the fifth and sixth semesters of the BA Honours programme. In each of these semesters, a student has to take two such courses from the relevant semester’s set of seven courses.
    2. (b) Generic Electives (GE): These courses, in disciplines other than Economics, are intended to broaden the training of a student in the BA Honours (Economics) programme. A student of Economics will take one such course, offered by another department, in each of Semesters I to IV.
    3. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC): Two such courses are to be taken, one in Semester I (Art of Communication, equivalent to MIL) and one in Semester II (Environmental Science).
    4. Skill Enhancement Course (SEC): A student is to take one such course in Semester III and one in Semester IV.

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