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  • Shyam Lal College (Evening)

    Procedures & policies

    Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical,
    academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports
    complex, computers, classrooms etc.

    The library is often considered as a hub of thoughts. The diverse collection in any library shapes of mindset and opinions of the students. A healthy library is always a major source to facilitate change in the society. The College Library has a generous collection of literature ranging from numerous disciplines. It subscribes 14 Hindi and English Newspapers, 55 magazines and ample journals. The E- resource facility is also available through which students and teachers can access the world‘s best databases, DULS, E-Journals, E-books, N-List and a quantitative variety of Reports. Our library is automated and ensures the availability of current titles by consulting publishers’, catalogue, book reviews and publisher websites. The Open access facilities to students and staff members are available on the ground floor and upper library building. The library is computerized with bar coded books and membership cards. The database is updated on real-time basis. The Xerox facility is also available for the staff members. The existing ceiling of the number of copies of a title to be purchased has been augmented from five to twenty in view of new syllabi. The new arrivals are duly notified and prominently displayed.

    The learning can only be relished with good health. The college imbibes the sportsmanship amongst the students. This also assists the students to learn to focus and manage the teamwork. Sports insist a student to put forth the best effort and exhibit honorable behaviour whether they win or lose a game. The Sports Admissions were successfully done. However, this year relatively lesser number of events and championships could be undertaken due to sudden Pandemic COVID-19, long lockdown and closure of the College.

    The classrooms are majorly facilitated by projectors to make the learning experience technology-based. The computer labs have been assisting the use of ICT enabled classrooms.


    Performance of the Institution in one area distinctive to its
    Vision, Priority and Thrust

    Enactus was founded in 2017 with the vision of sustaining a better world around us. During 2019-20 also, the team managed to accomplish several tasks / projects. Enactus has initiated its first Project – ‘Swabhiman’ which emphasizes on womens health and hygiene. The Project depicts one of the main concern of the women hood during menstruation and spread awareness about it in the underprivileged areas. In 2019-20, the team visited several areas in Delhi NCR to spread awareness about it and distributed sanitary napkins among them. The other project of Enactus – ‘Lakshay’ focuses on the main issue regarding the educational resources in the underprivileged areas. Education has been one of the main problems in India. With respect to that, the team set up stationery shops in underprivileged areas/societies to make the children access to educational resources at affordable prices. The seller of the shop would be the prime beneficiary of the project who will get 60 of the revenue which in means, the Project focuses on the employment opportunities in these areas. Team Enactus set up several shops in Delhi NCR with the help of the faculty advisor and office bearers in the year 2019-20. The third Project of Enactus is ‘Amrit’, which signifies its title by elixir of health. The Project set up juice stalls in the semi urban areas in Delhi NCR in which household ladies makes and sell the juices at affordable prices. The raw material and the labour training is provided by the team Enactus, the revenue generated by the project is distributed among 60:40 ratio between beneficiary and the Enactus team respectively. Last year, the team targeted several new areas in Delhi where they initiated their Project.

    Apart from the principal Projects, the team also had been active in other social works and activities. Enactus has taken initiative for plantation drive at Shakarpur Basti in collaboration with Aaina foundation. The team planted more than 100 trees in 2019-20 at Shakarpur Basti (Delhi) with a determination for a positive change in the long run. Team Enactus also participate in various fests and events to showcase their Projects. Enactus also made an awareness program for Covid-19 Pandemic during lockdown through social media. The team managed to attain the desired goals in 2019-20 despite being in the middle of the pandemic.

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