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    In 2007 with a small piece of land near college water tank and one gardener, college nursery was developed under the supervision of Ms. ILa Bhushan Jain, Convenor, Garden Committee. From a humble beginning, college nursery fully blossomed with a large variety of foliage and flowering plant. College nursery participated for the first time in Delhi University Flower Show in 2008. In successive flower shows it won prizes in different categories making it possible with just one gardener.

    At present nursery has variety of medicinal, ornamental, flowering plants like Xanadu, Oxycodium, Asparagus, China Rose, Yellow Jasmine, Ficus, Champa, Ashwagandha, Spider Plant, Basil, Papaya, Lemon Grass, Brahmi, Coleus, Dracaena etc. Garden committee remains active throughout the year and members regularly visit the college nursery.

    A herbal corner has been planned for the nursery with the aim to sensitize the faculty and students about benefits of the herbal plants like Mentha, Stevia, Lemon grass, Peepli, Oregano etc. Covid Pandemic has been very heavy for many. Plants are great stress busters. In its upcoming activities College Garden Committee has decided to take greenery to the house of its stakeholders through online presentations.
    Blooms from our Nursery Our prize winners

    2020-21: The garden committee started the academic session 2020-21 buying pots and plants for the nursery. The aim was to the make nursery more beautiful. The evening unit of the nursery was able to get more area the nursery, The soil was purchased for levelling of the land of the new area acquired for nursery this new. The college was also purchased Net for the safety of plants and flowers. It was decided to make Herbal Garden within the new area so as to plants. More steps will be taken to make it more useful for the community.

    2019-20: The role of the garden committee is always to provide students and faculty members with a place to meet, learn and grow. The garden committee met during the year and felt the need to evaluate and expand the variety of plants and pieces of equipment. It was decided to continue. The committee was engaged in decoration on various occasions in the college.

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