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    The Department of History, established in 1969 has Five faculty members who contribute infusing a dynamic state-of-the-art with rational culture and exposure among the students. What happens in the present, and what would happen in the future, is predominately governed by what happened in the past. As a discipline, it is a symbol of continuity and change. Research in history over the last few years has unlocked novel boundaries in the discipline. The 20th century has furthermore revolutionised the study of history by using other disciplines such as economics, anthropology, and geography in the study of global history. The history curriculum at the Shyam Lal College (E) acquaint the students with emerging arenas and numerous exciting activities. This is being done around a variety of themes and is also in line with the NEP 2020. We impel students to abide by a multidisciplinary approach for understanding history in a lucid framework. The scholarly objective of faculty members is to advocate active research pieces, publishing books and articles. The department has inculcated online teaching during the COVID19 to ensure perpetuity in the teaching-learning process. Similarly, organising online presentations, screenings, webinars, online talks, various written exercises on online mode etc. has become an everyday affair so that the students can accommodate this sudden change as new normal. We have explored and experimented enough to subsist the keen interest of students by mentoring and counselling them to continue their participation in online education. We have also adopted Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework (CBCS-LOCF) to structure the teaching-learning experience in a more student-centric manner. The history curriculum hovers around the topics of change and continuity through a study of human evolution, Economic aspects, culture exchanges, historical trends, gender and environment. Also, we encourage our students to participate in various other academic as well as extra-curricular activities. The College caters to students from diverse backgrounds. 

    The department has been organising academic and extracurricular activities. Under the History students’ society “SAKSHYA” the department hosts GSTS (GRADUATE SCHOLARS’ TALK SERIES) on weekly basis since 7th February 2021. The department has successfully launched 40 talk series sessions so far where the students are shortlisted and invited for interdisciplinary discussion. Also, various events like debate, quiz, discussions, guest/expert lectures, field survey etc. are organised by the department. THE JOURNAL OF CONTINUITY AND CHANGE by graduates (JCC) has been another scholarly endeavour where the students are promoted to contribute their articles. Upon completing the under graduation, the students are opportune to explore ample avenues being open-up at the College’s departmental level. 

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