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    SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES graduates are empowered to develop a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical framework and practical experiences. The subject is inclined to make the students analyse the need for inclusive development in society. The students are empowered to apprehend the social, political, historical, literature and economic perspectives in life. The course enables students to attain human values to serve the people at large addressing social problems. The students here also attain communication skills including reading, editing, writing and public speaking which would help them express their opinions in a lucid manner.

    COMMERCE graduates are empowered to gain the fundamental knowledge for doing the business and offering services to society. The course also intends the students to have vocational courses which would empower them in their career goals. The students are also guided to think critically and venture the start-up ideas inculcating the possible avenues of innovation. The students are closely mentored to attain the managerial level decision-making from various aspects of accounting, statistics, corporate, legal perspectives and lots more. The course inclines the students towards grassroots level knowledge of the subjects so that they can further aspire for the competitive examinations with all the primary level knowledge. The students are also here to acquire the quantitative decision-making ability which would help them in the corporate sector.

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