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    Internal complaint committee(ICC)

    Internal Complaint Committee
    The Sexual Harassment of women in the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 (commonly known as the PoSH Act) has developed a grievance procedure in the form of a grievance Redressal forum called the Internal Complaints Committee or the ICC.

    In Pursuance of UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) Regulations, 2015. Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of Shyam Lal College (E) is a body envisaged to receive complaints on sexual harassment at the workplace from an aggrieved woman, as well as to inquire into and make recommendations to the employer on the action required pursuant to its inquiry of such complaint made. Along with that, it is constituted to inquire into the grievance and make recommendations towards the complaints brought in front of it. The ICC forms the most important part of the legislation as it helps in the implementation and execution of the PoSH Act.

    Why and What’s the need of ICC?

    The employee who had a fundamental right a workplace free of sexual harassment, complained about sexual harassment. According to the Court, had the organization complied with the Vishaka Guidelines and set up such a Complaints Committee, the preventative benefit would have been three-fold:
    1. Ensured a place where women employees could seek redress;
    2. Sent a clear message to the workplace that such complaints would

      Specially designated committee with external expertise
    3. Prevented a series of litigation that followed.
    Hence, the Madras High Court awarded Rs. 1.6 crores in damages to an employee for the non-constitution of a Complaints Committee by the employer, as per the Vishaka Guidelines (at the time of the complaint, the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013 had not been enacted)

    Ms. Gv. ISG Novasoft Technologies Ltd. Madras High Court (Cr.R.C.No.370 of 2014 order dated

    02.09. 2014. Original Petition No.463 of 2012

    Gender Sensitization Lecture Series (GSLS) is an initiative started by the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of Shyam Lal College (Evening) in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to create awareness and gender sensitization among students. Its objective is to mould the spirits of the people in a way to boost the notion of Inclusiveness and Gender parity. The Chief Guest and Speaker for the First Lecture of GSLS was Advocate Naman Sharma, currently enrolled at the Bar Council of Delhi. The event was attended by Dr Ramesh Kumar, Principal of Shyam Lal College (Evening), Mr Kumar Prashant, IQAC convener, other faculty members and students from different colleges. The event saw a very enthusiastic response from students and faculty members. The Topic for the First Lecture of Gender Sensitization Lecture Series was “Basic Rights of Women”.

    Committee Members

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