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    Department Of Computer Science



    In today’s times, learning computers is important for everybody as computers have become part of our daily life. Moreover, the ever-spreading digitalization will result in this becoming a necessity as all the manual tasks are being moved towards a digital platform.
    Department of Computer Science intends to provide the education of the highest quality to undergraduate students in the field of computer science. Established in 2005, the department continuously strives to instil in the students strong analytical and computational skills so that they can face real-life challenges head-on individually as well as in teams. These skills would also aid the students in today’s highly competitive environment. We have endeavoured to focus on comprehensive student growth to produce highly qualified undergraduates who can contribute effectively to society.
    To engineer this growth and inculcate these skills, the department offers Computer Application as a Discipline and Skill Enhancement Course to the students of the B. A. Programme. The students are taught various subjects ranging from Computer Fundamentals to Programming languages like Java, Python. In addition to this Computer Science is offered as a Generic Elective to students of all Honours Courses as well as the B. A. Programme. Also, we encourage our students to participate in various other academic as well as extra-curricular activities.
    In addition to this, the department provides high-class facilities that are spread over a Computer Centre and two Computer Laboratories. Each of these is spacious and fully air-conditioned with a total capacity of more than 70 students. In addition to having a large number of computers, the lab contains a plethora of IT peripherals to aid the education of these students. Moreover, workstations are available to the faculties to help in preparing their lesson plans and other academic activities.
    Upon completing the under-graduation, numerous avenues open up for our students. They can opt for higher studies in the field of Computer Science. Also, students have opportunities in government as well as teaching jobs like School Teachers. Moreover, they can go for jobs in the software industry such as Computer Trainer, Programmer etc.
    To aid the all-around development of its students, various academic & extra-curricular events have been organised by both the Department of Computer Science and its Departmental Society, InspirITI.
    Over the years academic events like talks & workshops have been conducted successfully. Also, extra-curricular events like competitions, quizzes have been conducted.

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