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    The Art Drama and Culture Society

    The Art Drama and Culture Society

    Art and culture play a very pivotal and seminal role in the development of any nation and the Art Drama and Culture Society of the college is committed to inculcate the same among students. The Society named as ‘Abhivyanjana’ provides a common platform for students to showcase their talent. This society offers a wide range of action plan related to culture heritage, visual arts, performing arts and many other co-curricular activities. So that the students can enhance their skill and participate in different competitions across the University of Delhi and brings back laurels to the college. It also represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices .

    The Society organizes its annual fest Genesis with great exultation to enthuse the skill and art related to singing, dancing, acting and other performing arts. Genesis is aimed to explore artistic talent among students and to orients them to the extra classroom activities. And provides an authentic platform to the students to participate and explore their creative abilities and make a sincere endeavor.

    ‘Yatharth’ the Drama team of the society performed many plays and Nukkad Natak to address various social issues by understanding the dynamics and nuances of the world around us. The drama team presented many of the acts and one of the most popular was “ISSUE” which was based on disabled children. Yatharth has been one of the top 10 societies of University of Delhi. Even 4 students of society were selected for NSD workshop and many more. Apart from winning many competition the students also received critics acclaim at many coveted and prestigious national platforms like IIT Mumbai and many more.

    The Singing and dancing section of the society are also very kinetic and assiduous and gave various remarkable performances at different competitive programme.

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