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    W.U.S. and Health Awareness Committee INTRODUCTION WUS is an International Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on education, development and human rights. It was founded in 1920 in Geneva under the title ‘European Student Relief ’ which was renamed ‘World University’ in 1950. Today it has a network of national committees in more than 60 countries. The purpose of WUS is to work for the betterment of the society. It aims to spread awareness on a variety of health related issues. It focusses on the Physical as well as Psychological health concerns. WUS AT Shyamlal College (E) At Shyam Lal College (Eve.), the WUS and Health Awareness Committee is focused on spreading consciousness about various health problems and their practices that can help in their treatment. Over the past so many years of its establishment, the society has conducted several workshops, seminars, camps and activities to realise its purpose and establish awareness among the students. PROGRAMMES ORGANISED Health Check up Camps – The society has organised various camps free of cost for people to keep a check on their health. It conducted a Full Body Health Check up Camp at Aarogya Multi Speciality Hospital, Ghaziabad. In addition to this, it has also collaborated with Drishti Vision Care Centre to set up an Eye Check up camp along with a talk session on how to take care of your eyes so as to keep them healthy and have a clear eyesight. Lecture Series – In order to make students more learned, the college organised several seminars with eminent doctors and physicians from different fields to talk on a wide range of topics.

    1. Dr. Pooja Singhal, was invited for the seminar ‘Food as Medicine’ to create awareness about the importance of healthy food and ill effects of junk food.
    2. A webinar on ‘Oral Hygiene and Dental Visits’ was presented by Dr. Shelly Gupta, a dentist by practice, which was well received by the students and staff alike.
    3. Next in the series was a lecture by Dr. Anand Kumar Pandey, an eminent cardiologist. He delivered a lecture on ‘Lifestyle Disease and Prevention’, a very contemporary issue.
    4. Another talk session on ‘Seasonal Infectious Diseases During Monsoon’ was organised by the college in which Dr. Kalpana Chandra explained the causes, consequences and cures for the same Competitions and Events – To make students more involved in the process, several interesting competitions were conducted for them.

      1. Committee organized a Poster Making and Poetry Writing competition on ‘Say no to Plastic’.The event was well received and saw participation of students from different colleges.
      2. Slogan writing Competition and Self Posed Photography on ‘Prevention of Dengue and Chikungunya’ were organised to instill a sense of awareness and make students learn about precautions to be taken during the season.
      3. A successful ‘Blood Donation Camp’ was also organised by the committee in which all the staff members came forward and donated blood for the blood bank.

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