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    Department of Commerce



    Every Journey invariably starts with a single step and the Journey to scale great heights needs unflinching grit and relentless efforts. With the same determination, we had embarked on a Journey on September 8, 1969, by setting up the Department of Commerce, Shyamlal College, evening, University of Delhi.

    Commerce, besides being a traditional stream of education, is also the backbone of any economy and for expansion, it requires knowledge, skills, and attitudes among the students for the successful handling of trade, commerce, and industry. The department equips students with the latest developments in the field of business and commerce and trains them with technical knowledge and practical perspective to face global competition with modernized tools and approaches. It seeks to enable them to handle the challenges of growth and transformation of businesses through critical thinking, rational attitudes and quality decision making.

    Over the years, as stewards of an updated and relevant curriculum, and quality infrastructure, we have not just encouraged and supported the innovative efforts of our stakeholders to distil the prevailing global challenges and opportunities shaping our lives, but also educate students on how best to advance intellectual knowledge, and impact society for the better. From a plethora of quality platforms to extra-curricular opportunities, we thrive by providing state-of-the-art Commerce and professional education that puts our faculties and students on par with the best. In this process, we also seek to learn from each other by valuing and respecting the diversity of the hundreds of students from many regions, cultures, perspectives, and experiences.

    The department has adequate well qualified, competent faculty who are dedicated to the academic and overall development of the student community. The teaching highlights of the faculty of our department are Learner- centric, ICT enabled, continuous assessment and comprehensive & realistic evaluation. We aim to form young Men and Women of Competence, Commitment, Conscience and Compassion. We cultivate in students an uncompromising commitment towards enhancing the quality of life both at the organizational and societal level and also fostering passionate pursuit for academic and intellectual excellence.

    By encouraging us to evaluate existing and new evidence-based practices, contributing to the growing research and knowledge base, and expanding critical thinking skills to respond to the rapid changes of the 21st-century, we continue to receive testimonies from our alumni, national and international collaborations, and accreditations garnered in this journey. Developing more innovative, creative, and caring approaches in every facet of delivering our services, we are confident to excel more in the years to come.

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