• Shyam Lal College (Evening)

    Department Of Economics



    The Department of Economics, Shyamlal College (Evening), was established in 1969 which offered economics to BA Programme students. From 1998 onwards, the department extended it to BA Honours in Economics. Our able faculty members, a total of ten in numbers, make a diverse knowledge space, which makes it easier to offer as many optional papers as other higher-ranked colleges of the University of Delhi for our students whether it is BA Honours or BA Programme. Our department aims to prepare students according to global standards in the economics discipline. It is aimed to inculcate advanced thinking in economics discipline, logical and critical thinking, and skills for employability. Following the Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework adopted by Delhi University, the department adopts the teaching and learning approaches that are most appropriate for the students. Classroom teaching is complemented with PowerPoint Presentations, Tutorials, Seminars, Talks, Group Discussions, and Educational Trips for the holistic development of the student. The economics department has a reputation for providing an excellent environment for the multi-dimensional development of its students, right from inception. Our students have achieved remarkable heights in various fields such as bureaucracy, banking, academia, corporate, etc.

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