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    National Cadet Corps

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    NCC National Cadet Corps

    NCC is administered by the Ministry of Defence and is headed by a Director General (DG) of the rank of Lieutenant General Who monitors its functioning through the DG NCC HQ in Delhi. Shyam Lal College NCC is associated with Army unit group HQ “B” i.e., (5DBN) Kashmiri gate of Delhi Directorate. NCC (Boys, Army Wing): Under the guidance and motivation of the dedicated teachers, Ano and caretaker, students opting for NCC are actively participating in various activities including rock climbing, mountaineering, parasailing and para slithering, yoga training etc. the basics behind this endeavour is to build a healthy, disciplined & committed team of NCC cadets. The overwhelming participation of our cadets in the Prime Ministers rally and Republic Day parade and several camps is well recognized by NCC Gp. HQ. The college NCC unit with a strength of more than 160 cadets is selected through the proper selection procedure as coordinated with the unit. The team of cadets and faculty In charge of the NCC organizes an annual Festival with the name “Rakshak” every year..

    SLC NCC unit does not strive only to provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces but also to train and motivate youth, and indicate a spirit of courage & bravery to face any short situation in life under the leadership of Lt Anil Kumar Associate NCC Officer. Lt Anil Kumar. Awarded The Rank of Lieutenant in Army on 19 Oct 2015 With Personal No, NCC/04110026 after completing Pre- Commission PRCN/SD 158 Course as per Section 21(5) of National Cadet Corps Act, 1948.

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