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Dr. Pravin Kumar is an academic scholar, who has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and research. He completed his post-graduation in 1989 and joined University of Delhi in 1993 as Assistant Professor in Department of History of Shyam Lal College (Day). He was awarded Ph. D. degree in 2007 from Jamia Millia Islamia, a central university.

He has been the Principal of the College since July 2015. In addition to having teaching experience, he has researched in various fields of Modern History and has published several research papers in different Journals and Magazines of National and International repute. He has also authored two books, one on ‘Communalism’ and other on ‘Colonialism’ respectively. He has also co-authored five books which delve into the history of India and world during the various time periods.

He has worked on various projects which have been funded and supported by the different Institutions and Entities of the Government of India. One such project was supported by MHRD (ICHR) and was done in 1991 and was titled “Towards Freedom Project”. Another project was “V.K.Krishna Menon and India League 1924-1947” which was supported by Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund. He has also worked on two Innovations Projects under the aegis of University of Delhi, titled, “Saptahik Bazaar: Roz Ka Sangharsh” and “Delhi Haat Ka Aarthik Sanskritik Adhyayan” respectively.

He is Editor-in-chief of Aspirare, An Annual Refereed International Journal of Commerce & Management of Shyam Lal College (Eve.). He has also been a member of Editorial Board of Journal of Gandhian Studies, Bi-annual journal of INDIAN SOCIETY, Indian Society of Gandhian Studies. Moreover, he has been Editorial Advisor of various other publications like the IAS Kiran (A Career Magazine) and Jatak Jigyasa (A Magazine of Astrology). He also holds life/annual membership of institutes & entities like Indian Society of Gandhian Studies, Canadian Studies, Indian Institute of Public Administration among others.

He also has an active academic life as he has attended more than 25 international and national Conferences & Seminars. Moreover, he has held various administrative positions over the course of tenure like Convener of B. A. Programme, Assistant Coordinator as well as of IGNOU Centre in Shyam Lal College, Centre-In-Charge for 2 consecutive years of SC/ST Admission Centre at Shyam Lal College of Delhi University. He has also taught undergraduate & postgraduate students at the Shyam Lal College IGNOU Study Centre.

His motto for students is “Think and Review”, i.e., understand the cause of any event before progressing forward. He also believes in hard work, dedication and perseverance being most the fundamental traits of a person. His aim as a Principal of the College is to offer the students of the College ample opportunities so that the students’ ability of thinking is developed and their holistic development is assured.

Dr. Pravin Kumar