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    Institutional Strategic / perspective plan (2020-21)

    Institutional Strategic / perspective plan

    Curriculum Development: a) Faculty members are involved in course restructuring and revision committees constituted by University of Delhi. b) Work load distribution is done as per specialization of faculty members. c) Provision for a departmental moderation committee

    Teaching and Learning : Highly qualified and dedicated faculty, Learning beyond curriculum through seminars/workshops/QIPs/SKSPs, Innovative methods are adopted for teaching and learning process by each department, Remedial classes are held for the students requiring additional help. Excellent collection of rare and latest books and journals. The library is also equipped with special software and resources for differently-abled students.  Regular feedback formal /informal from students to improve teaching and learning methods.

    Examination and Evaluation:  Examination committee of the college ensures smooth conduct of examinations. Several faculty members are active members of University appointed examination committee to frame questions papers ( Head Examiners/Additional Examiners) and evaluate examination scripts.

    Research and Development College provides all support for research and development like sanctioning duty leaves, encouraging faculty to interact with faculty from other institutions, including those from abroad. Re-imbursement of Registration Fee for participation in seminars/Conferences in also done.

    Library, ICT and Physical Infrastructure / Instrumentation Fully equipped library with automation facilities. Well- Equipped Computer Labs, Wi-Fi Facility

    Human Resource Management Faculty and Staff are encouraged to participate self-development programmes. Administration supports faculty, staff and students with necessary and relevant support to optimize their work.

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