• Shyam Lal College (Evening)

    Courses Taught


    Courses Taught

    Courses taught: B.A. The programme, B.Com Program & Hons, Compulsory English to various Hons. Courses.

    Core English Language — B.A. & B.Com. Programme
    As 98% of the B.A. & B.Com Programme students have done English in class 12th, streaming will be now based on their class 12th marks in English. There will be three streams:

    English Language through Literature (English A– 80% and above)
    English Fluency (English B—60% and above up to 80%)
    English Proficiency (English C—less than 60%)

    English Discipline to B.A.Program students
    Generic Elective Course (GE) to Honours and Program students
    Skill Enhancement course (SEC)
    Ability Enhancement Course Compulsory (AECC) English
    These papers help the students to have an understanding of a variety of topics like Film studies, creative writing, communication skills, media literacy, gender issues, translation studies, academic writing, cross-cultural perspective etc. Not only this but the literature-based syllabus also positively impact young minds and helps them in becoming a better version of themselves.


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