Quality Improvement Programme on ‘Total Quality Person’ (TQP)


A Quality Improvement Programme for Faculty Members, Students & Staff on ‘Total Quality Person’ (TQP) was organized on August 8th, 2017. QIP was conducted by Professor (Dr.) C.V.Ramanan, Inspirational Speaker & Life Coach, Director Center for Joy @ Work, INMANTEC, a Spiritual Sadhak, Chief Mentor and Happiness Officer at Prudentia Group LLC, having 36 Years of Experience into Corporate, Academic, Teaching & Training. Programme included 30 odd moving stories each with a lesson of life, around 10 games with take-homes, slice-of-life examples, assignment and cases besides fun and humor. Invariably, there was some laughter, tears and great feelings. Most of the participants found TQP workshop mesmerizing and riveting, soul-stirring and life changing. Some of the participants said that, ‘It was the best thing they have heard and experienced in their lives’.