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Visaka 2016 : Event 4

This time the team of the students went to some schools, one of them was “Maniban Patel Bhartiya Mahila Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya”. There, they explained around 100 student with teaching and non-teaching staff, that being digital is how beneficial for them as well as fir economy. There they found all of them actively and interestingly listening about various modes of digital payment. There was a student who made an ATM machine model and showed how to use it. They also went to two Public Schools- Unity Modern School and Ideal Public School, they make them also aware about the same. During these survey, they found that each one is interesting and willing to know about all these. The team of the students separately teach the staff of these school, the benefits of being digital and ask them to aware others about the same, so that the knowledge spread widely in the society.