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Visaka 2016 : Event 1

The team of 5-6 students went to Rohtash Nagar Market, Shahdara, Delhi-32. They went to different vendors and asked whether they are using any digital method of making and accepting payments, using any e-wallet or nob, If yes, then they are getting any profit or loss or same as before. They explained some of the users about the benefits of e-wallets and asked them to install it.

In second visit they went again to the same market and asked the vendors whether they installed the e-wallets or no, and whoever installed the app they explained them how to use it.  And even after explaining all these some of the vendors not using the app they insisted them and again explain the benefits of having digital and helped them to use the e-wallets and suggested them to keep micro ATM also for customers convenience as well as for themselves also.