Prerna (Political Science Department Society)

As the meaning of the name suggests, it is an inspiration, PRERNA was formed in the year 1995, with the intent of overall and holistic development of the students. In today’s world the academic arena alone would not be sufficient for development of the students in present scenario. Therefore to infuse confidence and providing them with a boost for skills amongst students, the blend of academic, non-academic and extracurricular activities are required from time to time.

To fulfil the objectives of association, the students are provided the much needed platform, under the banner of PRERNA, to express their inner and hidden talents. Every year the office bearer of PRERNA is elected democratically to ensure the smooth functioning of this association. PRERNA has had a very eventful journey in more than two decades. However, the PRERNA vision will be met only when every student comes out as a cultured, responsible and law abiding citizen of our great country. And our journey continues……


  1. Department established PRERNA Association in 1995-96 for different academic and cultural programmes for the students.
  2. Objective: Encourage department students to participate in academic and cultural activities for their overall development
  3. Election of its office bearers every year to organize various progammes under PRERNA
  4. Annual Departmental Magazine PRAMITI.



Events Organised