Department of Political Science: Ms. Illa Bhushan Jain

Name of Faculty:               Ms. ILA BHUSHAN JAIN

Date of Birth:                    12-07-1969

Designation:                      Senior Lecturer

Department:                     Political Science

Area of Specialisation:      Public Administration




Ph.D. Persuing (D.U) POL.SCI  
M.Phil/M.Tech. Delhi University   1995 Ist      69%
PG Delhi University POL.SCI 1991 IInd     57.4%
UG Delhi University POL.SCI 1989 IInd     57.1%
UGC NET/ SLET NET –  JRF   1994  




Courses Taught Name of University/College/Institution Duration
B.A(H) Pol.Sci I year,  III year Laxmi Bai College D.U. 28 Days
B.A(H)Pol.Sci I year, III year Shyam Lal College 6 months
B.A(P) II year,

B.A(H)III year

Kamla Nehru College 8 months
B.A(P) II year,

B.A(H) I & III year, I & III year FYUP- DC-1, B.A.(H) II Year

Shyam Lal College (Eve) Till date

Total Teaching Experience (in years):  

  1. Under Graduation (Pass Course): 5 years
  2. Under Graduation (Honours Course): 11 years

Innovations/ Contributions in Teaching:

  1. Design of Curriculum: Lecturers, Tutorials, Seminars, PowerPoint Presentations and Group Discussions
  2. Evaluation methods: Assignments, class tests, Presentations and group discussions.
  3. Preparation of resource material including books, reading materials ,laboratory manuals etc. : Books, reading package provided by department articles, journals etc.
  4. Remedial teaching/Student counseling (academic): As per requirement

Details of Teaching Plan etc:

Details of course teaching Plan, Synopses of lectures and reading lists supplied to students

Step 1. Making students familiar with contents of paper and providing general Reading list.

Step 2. Lecture Plan – Lecture- Specific reading list.

Step 3. Evaluation in form of tests, assignment group discussion and presentations.

Details of participation in the following:

  1. Paper setting and evaluation:(Theory) Paper setting of (1) Colonialism in India, I Year, Political Science (H), (2) Public Administration Theory & Practics, III Year, Political Science (H); Evaluation of papers taught
  2. Conduct of examinations: (Theory)   Participated in college exams
  3. Assessment of home assignments: Regular assesement of assignments on the basis of presentation and References used



  1. No. of research papers published (please enclose list)
    Publication Title Journal Published/ Edited in ISSN/ISBN No. (if available) Vol, Month & Year
    Corporate Social Responsibility: Notes from the field ASPIRAE   2394-0484 Vol. No.1, Sept. 2014


  2. Any other publication / articles etc. (please enclose list):
    “United Nations and Empowerment of women” in proceedings of National seminar (2011), Lajpat Rai P.G. College, Sahibabad.




  1. Attended ICT workshop for capacity building, ILLL,2010.
  2. Participated in National Seminar on “Global Economic Challenges: Implication for India”,Shyam Lal College (Eve.),2010.
  3. Presented a paper ,”Women role in Non Co-operation Movement’,National Seminar,L.R.P.G College,2010.
  4. Presented a paper,” United Nations and Empowerment of women’, National Seminar,L.R.P.G College,2011.
  5. Participated in International Conference on “ Human Rights in the 21st Century: Global Perspectives, National Challenges”, Shyam Lal College (Eve.), 2012.
  6. Presented a paper,” Women Empowerment: A corporate social Responsibility perspective” National Seminar,Ginni Devi Modi Girls(P.G) College,2012.
  7. Presented a paper,”Corporate Social Responsibility: Notes from the field,” International conference Shyam Lal College (Eve.),2014.
  8. Attended National Symposium for CSR practitioners, “Effective Implementation for Higher Impact” (29-30 Sept. 2014)


ORGANISED (List enclosed)

  1. Coordinator for International Seminar on “ Exploring Gandhian World Order,” Shyam Lal College (Eve.) 2013.
  2. Coordinator for international conference on “Corporate Social Responsibility,” Shyam Lal College (Eve.)2014
  • Orientation course (2010), Refresher courses (March 2011, March 2013, Nov-Dec 2013)
  • Workshop on ICT usage in teaching (1-8, Sept. 2015, CPDHE)




  1. Positions held/ Leadership role played in organizations linked with Extension work and National Service Scheme (NSS), or NCC or any other similar activity.
    Eco club In-charge for two years: Eco club became functional and carried out several activities like developing herbal corner, essay writing, poster making etc. & Screening of films on environment.




Please give a short account of your contribution to:

  1. College/ University / Institution : Shyam Lal College (Eve.)
  2. Co-curricular activities: Organized Dept. and college Programmes
  3. Enrichment of campus life (hostels, sports, games cultural activities): Co-coordinator for college stall in Antardhwani 2013.
  4. Membership/ Participation in Bodies/ Committees on Education and National Development : Convenor- Garden, Canteen, Financial Assistance committees, Member-Development, Seminar, Gender Sensitization Committee, WUS Committee.



  1. Editorship of Journals: Associate Managing Editor for ‘ASPIRARE’, an International Journal of Commerce & Management.
  2. Awards and Distinctions: First Position in B.A(H) Pol. Sci in the college.