Department of Political Science: Dr. Ramesh Kumar

Name of Faculty:                         Dr. RAMESH KUMAR

Date of Birth:                                07/04/1959

Designation:                                Associate Professor

Department:                                 Political Science

Area of Specialisation:               Indian Govt. & Politics / Party System




Ph.D. Delhi University Indian National Congress 1990 Awarded
M.Phil/M.Tech. Delhi University African politics 1987 IInd
PG Delhi University Political Science 1982 IInd
UG Patna University Political Science 1978 IInd
UGC NET/ SLET Exempted      



Courses Taught Name of University/College/Institution Duration
Indian Govt & Politics Shyam Lal College (Eve) University of Delhi 2010-11
Comparative Politics Shyam Lal College (Eve) University of Delhi 2010-11
Reading Gandhi Shyam Lal College (Eve) University of Delhi 2011-12
Indian Politics in Comprative perspectives Shyam Lal College (Eve) University of Delhi 2011-12
Indian Political Thought Shyam Lal College (Eve) University of Delhi 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16

Total Teaching Experience (in years):           14 years-15 years

  1. Under Graduation (Pass Course): 14 years-15 years
  2. Under Graduation (Honours Course): 14 years-15 years
  3. Post Graduation: IGNOU, M.P.S. (one Session)

Innovations/ Contributions in Teaching:

  1. Teaching Methods: Interactive, Group discussion
  2. Evaluation methods: As per Instruction of D.U.& students need-based
  3. Remedial teaching/Student counseling (academic):IGNOU
  4. Any other: Published around 15 reasarch papers in India and two papers abroad for presentation in International Conference.

Details of Teaching Plan etc:

Make pedagogy as interactive as possible through face to face teaching, field visits, group discussions.

Advising students to initially induce them to prepare outline of topics and test of the same before starting topic-wise detailed coverage.

Three rounds of group discussion, two rounds of class test before end of the semester.

Details of participation in the following:

  1. Paper setting and evaluation:
    • (Theory): Yes, setting and evaluation
    • (Practicals):No provision in social science
  2. Evaluation of Dissertation / Thesis / Project Reports: Project report of PGDRD, M.A. in Rural Development and Master in Political Science of
  3. Assessment of home assignments: YES




Research stage Title of Work/Thesis University where the work was carried out

(Give a separate List)

Separate sheet enclosed University of Delhi
Training (Please specify) Imparted  training to Professionals and Panchayat officials.

(It was a GOI-IGNOU Panchayati Raj Project)




  1. No. of research papers published List Enclosed
  2. Any other publication / articles etc. (please enclose list):

Three books for school students of class 6th,7th and 8th  future kids publisher2002



ATTENDED: List Enclosed

ORGANISED: played key role in organizing National and International Seminars viz. Indo-Canadian, Indo-US, Indo-China, Indo-Japan and on topic like Mapping Middle Class in India, by Shyam Lal College (Eve.) in collaboration with other organizations like with JNU, with East-Asian Department, DU and with Japan Foundation etc.



  1. Please give a short account of your contribution to:
    1. Community work such as values of National Integration, secularism, democracy, socialism, humanism, peace, scientific temper, flood or drought relief, small family norms etc.: As a Programme Officer of College N.S.S. and Convener of Gandhi Study Circle. Many lectures on the above were organized alongwith activities etc.
  2. Positions held/ Leadership role played in organizations linked with Extension work and National Service Scheme (NSS), or NCC or any other similar activity: S.S. Programme officer of Shyam Lal College (E).



Please give a short account of your contribution to:

  1. College/ University / Institution: SLC (E) N.S.S, Gandhi Study Circle.
  2. Co-curricular activities: Organized many National and International Seminars
  3. Enrichment of campus life (hostels, sports, games cultural activities): Sport (won teachers badminton to vent)
  4. Students welfare and Discipline: Member of Discipline Committee and Convener of Financial Assistance Committee, Fee Concession Committee etc.
  5. Professional Organizations of Teachers: one Orientation and two Refreshers.



  1. Membership of Professional Bodies: Indian Political Science Association (IPSA).
  2. Editorship of Journals: Capital foudation , National Council of Gandhian Studies, Kerala.
  3. Awards and Distinctions:


Association with Professional Bodies:

Association Type Detail
Memberships Member of IPSA and Indian Council of Gandhian Studies


Any other information (which you feel to be important) : Participated in Television debate on Political & Electoral issues as a political analyast in channels like NewsX, Channel one, Shri News, VIP, Sudharshan TV etc.