Department of Mathematics: Dr. Vinod Kumar Tyagi

Name of Faculty                          Dr. VINOD TYAGI

Date of Birth:                                29-9-1955

Designation:                                Associate Professor

Department:                                 Mathematics

Area of Specialization:                Coding theory, Number theory




Ph.D. Delhi Maths 1984
M.Phil/M.Tech. Delhi Maths 1980
PG Meerut Maths 1977 I
UG Delhi Maths,Phy.,Chem. 1974 II



Courses Taught Name of University/College/Institution Duration
Business Maths
Algebra, Calculus Shyamlal College (Eve.) 20 years

Total Teaching Experience (in years):  

  1. Under Graduation (Pass Course): 30years
  2. Post Graduation: 7years

Innovations/ Contributions in Teaching:

  1. Design of Curriculum: Yes
  2. Laboratory experiments: Yes
  3. Evaluation methods: Yes
  4. Preparation of resource material including books, reading materials, laboratory manuals etc.: Yes
  5. Remedial teaching/Student counseling (academic): Yes

Details of participation in the following:

  1. University teaching (PG programme): Sc (Maths)
  2. Paper setting and evaluation: (Theory): Yes
  3. Conduct of examinations: (Theory): Yes
  4. Evaluation of Dissertation / Thesis / Project Reports: Yes
  5. Assessment of home assignments: Yes



Research stage Title of Work/Thesis University where the work was carried out
Research Guidance(Give names of students guided successfully) 1.Dr.Navneet Singh Rana  2.Pankaj Das  3.Seema Thakran  4.Amita Sethi Delhi



  1. Number of students (M. Phil. / Ph. D.)
      At the beginning of the year Registered during the year Completed during the year
    Ph. D. 3 3


  2. No. of research papers published
    Publication Title Journal Published/ Edited ISSN/ISBN No. Vol., No. & Page
    Counter example to collatz conjecture posed by him in 1935. To appear in mathematical spectrum (U.K.) 2013
    Sum of squares, Bulletin of pure and applied sciences 2007 Vol.217E, No.1, p.111-115
    Product of numbers by restrictive addition 2006 Vol.38, No.3, p.130
    Making magic square 2006 Vol.3, No. , p.123
    Continuous square numbers 2005 Vol.38, No.1, p.2
    Properties of factors, mentioned in the editorial by D.W.Sharpe editor 2005 Vol.39, No.1
    Kaprekar type constants 2004 Vol.38, No.2, p.55
    Cubic numbers that are sum of its digits/curious cubes 2004 Vol.37, No.3, p.111
    Equal sum of cubes 2004 Vol.36, No.3
    Sum of squares and cubes 2004
    Sum of cubes with digit restrictions accepted for publication 2004
    Perfect squares 2003 Vol.37, No.1, p.34
    Sum of squares with digit restrictions 2003
    Sum of square of number. Accepted for publication 2003
    Sum of square: multiples of 1025 2002
    1025-A unique number September 2001
    “Reducing magic square ”SCIENCE TODAY

    A Times of India Publication,

    New Delhi, INDIA

    “Some important observations for any three consecutive number” SCIENCE TODAY(INDIA) 1988
    A unique magic square SCIENCE TODAY, (INDIA) 1992
    Sets of number and their sum SCIENCE TODAY 20(9) INDIA. 1986
    Consecutive numbers. SCIENCE TODAY,19(4) NEW DELHI.(INDIA) 1985


Three books for school students of class 6th, 7th and 8th future kids publisher 2002




  • Invited talk at the 14th international workshop on multimedia signal processing and transmission (MSPT 2010), 8th Nov. CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, KOREA.
  • Indian science congress, 3-6 January, 2009 held at NEHU, Shillong. (Presented a paper and chaired a session on coding Theory)
  • Pre-ICM international convention on mathematical sciences, 18-20 Dec.2008 held at Delhi University.
  • IMST XVII international conference held at Plzen, Czech Republic (paper selected as third best)
  • Paper presented at 12th international workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial coding theory (ACCT sep.5-112010) held at Novosibirsk, Russia.



  1. Member Managing Committee, Gandhi Bhawan, Delhi University (4 years) – To popularize khadi among youth, we initiated KHADI SHOWS in Delhi University colleges in 2003-4 in the form of inter college competitions. Khadi and village industry actively cooperated with this project which is still followed by different colleges. This idea of khadi shows was picked up by many states and gave good result. We organized ‘National Youth Assembly’ in 2009 under the chairmanship of Sh. Oscar Fernandez with active participation of different universities and colleges. The meeting was followed by a series of talks in different Delhi universities colleges to celebrate the centenary of Gandhi’s Hind swaraj. The list of speakers included Prof. Radha Krishnan, Khadi Board Chairperson Kumud Behn Joshi and other eminent personalities. Sketching Gandhi using pencil since 1984 depicting various social, religious and political problems on the globe particularly in India.  The work has been reviewed by many national and international newspapers at different times.  My exhibition Gandhi ke Desh Mein in National Gandhi Museum, was inaugurated by Late Sh. K.R. Naraynan. Dr. Y.P. Anand them Director, National Gandhi Museum helped me in this event. On the advice of the President, one of my pencil work Gandhi ke Desh Mein: Gandhi is on permanent display in the art gallery of National Gandhi Museum, New Delhi, INDIA
  2. NCC officer, Secretary-Staff Council, Bursar etc. in the college.



  1. Co-curricular activities: Activities related to Gandhian thought
  2. Enrichment of campus life (hostels, sports, games cultural activities): Cultural activities Khadi popularization.
  3. Students’ welfare and Discipline: Proctor of the college.
  4. Membership/ Participation in Bodies/ Committees on Education and National Development : Member, Governing Body Shyam Lal College (eve)
  5. Membership of Professional Bodies: Life member, Indian Science Congress
  6. Editorship of Journals: One Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences.
  7. Awards and Distinctions: One paper was awarded in Czech Republic in 2009, International Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory (Acct Sep.5-11, 2010) held at Novosibirsk, Russia.
  8. Any other information (which you feel to be important): Published a novel in Hindi ‘Kaise-Kaise-Chanakya’ second novel is towards completion.