Department of Hindi: Dr. S. Khurana

Name of Faculty:              Dr. S. Khurana

Date of Birth:                    Thirteen August Ninteen Hundred Sixty               

Designation:                     Assistant Professor                            

Department:                     Hindi

Area of Specialisation:    Adhunik Kavita (1940 tak)



Ph.D. Delhi Hindi 1993  
M.Phil./M.Tech. Delhi Hindi 1988 I
PG Delhi Hindi 1987 II
UG Delhi Hindi 1985 II
Special Course in Hindi Delhi Hindi 1984 I



Courses Taught Name of University / College / Institution Duration
B.A (H) & B.A (P) 1st year, 2nd year Laxmi Bai college Delhi University 3 month, 15 days
Shyam Lal College (E) 3rd year Delhi University 4 month, 15 days
Ramlal Anand College Delhi University 13 days
Shyam Lal College B.A (H) Delhi University 16-10-98 Till date
Ist yr.,II yr.B.A (P) I Year,III yr.,FC-LLC-Ist yr    

Total Teaching Experience (in years):  

  1. Under Graduation (Pass Course): 17 Years
  2. Under Graduation (Honours Course): 17 Years

Innovations/ Contributions in Teaching:

  1. Teaching Methods: Analytical approach, discussions as critics progressing on lessons / progressive approach on lessons, answering questions from students
  2. Evaluation methods: Evaluation based on various facts / substantion on facts group discussion, dialogues, discussion, evaluation based on presentation methodology
  3. Preparation of resource material including books, reading materials, laboratory manuals etc.: Text books and related critical analysis on books, by means of associated published literature.
  4. Remedial teaching/Student counseling (academic): Answering to questions by students, answering their questions on subject curiousity, addressing their problems from time to time.

Details of Teaching Plan etc.:

Completion of academic course by division as per education schedule and time-table and delivered to students along with delivering lectures attention was also sought towards the context and relevance of mentioned subjects within the curriculum.  Effort to divide the lessons into smaller fractions, prior to commencing lessons, Introduction to writer / poet and introduction to other work of literature by the writer / poet.  Other relevant study material provided to students which could holistically help them along with creating relevance and concern in students mind.  Effort was also made to make it contextual and relevant larter national picture to make students aware of the national concerns.

Details of participation in the following:

  1. Paper setting and evaluation: (Theory): Evaluated Answer sheet of BBS (HNH) IIIyr. For Session 2012-13 & (HNH) II yr. upanyas for session 2013-14
  2. Evaluation of Dissertation / Thesis / Project Reports: Evaluated Projects for foundation courses LLC I year for the session 2012-13 & 2013-14
  3. Assessment of home assignments: Assignments for several classes are given & evaluated



  1. Any other publication / articles etc. (please enclose list): Three books for school students of class 6th,7th and 8th future kids publisher 2002



    1. Attended UGC sponsored orientation programme or -71 from 6-8-12 / 5-9-12 organised by CPDHE.
    2. Attended International conference on Human rights in 21st century: Global perspective, national challenges held at India International center, Lodhi road, New Delhi.
    3. Attended International conference on corporate social responsibility: Expectations Reality & Challenges held at Gulmohar, India International center, Lodhi road, New Delhi



Please give a short account of your contribution to:

  1. College/ University / Institution: Participated and added value to the frequent meetings at College level.
  2. Enrichment of campus life (hostels, sports, games cultural activities): Participated and actively got involved in Art, Drama and Cultural Committee for two years.
  3. Membership/ Participation in Bodies/ Committees on Education and National Development: Performed as Editor for Hindi section of College Magazine ‘Stavak’ for a duration of 2 years. Also been a member of College Development Committee for 2 years.



  1. Membership of Professional Bodies:  Member, WUS Committee for 2 years.


Association with Professional Bodies:

Association Type Detail
Editing Editor, College Magazine – Stavak
Committees and Boards Membership of College Governing Body for 2 years (in the capacity of less than 10 years), membership of College Governing Body for 2 years (in the capacity of more than 10 years)
Memberships Art, Drama & Culture Committee, WUS Committee


Dr. Sunita Khurana