Department of Economics: Mr. Anil Kumar Singh

Name of Faculty:             Mr. Anil Kumar Singh

Date of Birth:                    13-07-1978

Designation:                    Assistant Professor

Department:                     Economics

Area of Specialisation:   Monetary Economics, International Economics




Ph.D. B R Ambedkar Bihar University Economics pursuing  
PG Delhi University Economics 2001 II
UG Delhi University Economics 1999 I
UGC NET/ SLET UGC-NET Dec 2000    



Courses Taught Name of University/College/Institution Duration
B.A(Hons)Economics Zakir Husain College, DU 1 year, 3 months, Aug 2007 – Oct 2008
B.A(Hons)Economics Shyam Lal College(E), DU 6 years, 10 months, Nov 2008-contd
B.A (Prog.) Shyam Lal College(E), DU 1 year
B.Com (Prog.) Shyam Lal College(E), DU 4 year
B.Com(Hons) Shyam Lal College(E), DU 1 year

Total Teaching Experience (in years):

  1. Under Graduation (Pass Course): 5 years
  2. Under Graduation (Honours Course): 8 years

Innovations/ Contributions in Teaching:

  1. Teaching Methods:
  2. Interactive teaching method is adopted in the class
  3. Topic to be taught in the next class is announced beforehand and students are asked to go through the prescribed readings
  4. At the commencement of every semester students get the syllabus of the paper and the list of readings
  5. Evaluation through tests, assignments and presentation
  6. c) Evaluation methods: class tests, assignments with presentation in the class

Details of Teaching Plan etc.:

Details of course teaching Plan, Synopses of lectures and reading lists supplied to students

Every academic year detailed reading list for every paper in economics is prepared by Delhi school of economics with the help of the faculty members from different colleges which contains:

  1. syllabus of the paper
  2. topics to be taught
  3. books and chapters therein to be consulted by teachers
  4. duration in which the course is to be finished

Details of participation in the following:

  1. Paper setting and evaluation: (Theory): one of the paper setters for the paper Industrial Economics in 2013-14; one of the paper setters for the paper Money and Financial Economics in 2015-16
  2. Conduct of examinations: (Theory): Being part of the conduct of Examination in the college for BA(Hons), B Com(Hons), BA(Prog), B Com(Prog) every academic year.
  3. Assessment of home assignments: Assessed home assignments of students of BA  (Hons),B Com(Prog),etc.



  1. Please give a short account of your contribution to:
    1. Community work such as values of National Integration, secularism, democracy, socialism, humanism, peace, scientific temper, flood or drought relief, small family norms etc.: Being a Gandhian, actively worked for Gandhi study circle of the college which strives to transform the lives of students by infusing in them the Gandhian values of non-violence, tolerance, social work, cleanliness, peaceful coexistence etc.



Please give a short account of your contribution to:

  1. College/ University / Institution : actively participated in the academic, administrative and Co-curricular activities of the college.
  2. Enrichment of campus life (hostels, sports, games cultural activities): took initiative to start the Economics society which organizes economics festival every year where students from all over the university participate in debates, paper presentation, quiz and other activities.
  3. Students welfare and Discipline: Served as a member of the student advisory committee and discipline committee of the college.