Department of Economics: Dr. Stuti Gupta

Name of Faculty:               Dr. Stuti Gupta

Date of Birth:                    12 July 1982

Designation:                      Assistant Professor

Department:                     Economics

Area of Specialisation:      Micro Economics




Ph.D. Kurukshetra Economics 2015  
PG MDU(Rohtak) Economics 2007 II
UG Delhi Economics 2003 II
UGC NET/ SLET UGC NET  Cleared Economics 2007  
Any other Qualification Delhi Advance Diploma in French 2006 I
CCS University (Meerut) B.ed 2004 I




Courses Taught Name of University/College/Institution Duration
B.A. Economics, B.Com Delhi (Satyawati Evening) October 2007- December 2007
B.A. Economics, B.Com Delhi (Satyawati Day) July 2008- November. 2008
B.A. Economics, B.Com, B.A Prog Delhi (Shyam lal Evening) November 2008- till Date
B.Com, B.A Prog Non Collegiate Women Education Board, Delhi University 2007-2009
B.Com, B.A Prog SOL (Correspondence), Delhi University 2007-08

Total Teaching Experience (in years):

  1. Under Graduation (Pass Course): 7+ years
  2. Under Graduation (Honours Course): 7+ years

Innovations/ Contributions in Teaching:

  1. Design of Curriculum: As Per University
  2. Teaching Methods: Lectures, Notes, Power Point Presentations
  3. Evaluation methods: Group Discussions, Class tests, Assignments, Presentations
  4. Preparation of resource material including books, reading materials, laboratory manuals etc.: Self Made Notes and Power Point Presentations
  5. Remedial teaching/Student counseling (academic): Student Counseling in Class and Tutorials

Details of Teaching Plan etc:

Details of course teaching Plan, Synopses of lectures and reading lists supplied to students

  • In Economics (H), students study from the material provided by Delhi School of Economics.
  • Lecture notes are Prepared before the schedule class
  • Provide URL of relevant sites, newspaper articles/journal articles, departmental seminars and conferences and other relevant talks.

Details of participation in the following:

  1. Paper setting and evaluation: (Theory): Involved in Paper Setting (Statistical Methods in Economics) and Evaluation for UG courses
  2. Conduct of examinations: (Theory): Participate in exam duties every semester
  3. Assessment of home assignments: Regularly during in all the classes assigned to me.



Research stage Title of Work/Thesis University where the work was carried out
Publications (Give a separate List) 2 International Publications Enclosed Below  
Training (Please specify) Orientation Course

Refresher Course

ILL workshop


ICT Training

Delhi University


SLC (E) Delhi University

Delhi University

Delhi University



  1. No. of research papers published:
Publication Title Journal Published/ Edited in ISSN/ISBN No. (if available) Vol., Month & Year
Measuring Productivity in Indian Banks: A DEA Approach Research Expo International Multidisciplinary Research journal 2250- 1630 Vol. III, Issue III, Sept 2013
Non Performing Assets in Indian Banks Vignettes of Research (International journal) 2320-1797 Vol. I, Issue IV, Oct 2013
Environmental Accounting: A Study Of Indian Perspective Edited Book: Corporate Social Responsibility Expectation, Reality & Challenges 978-93-81505-88-5 2014



      • ILLL: Workshop Tier II – 2010
      • CPDHE: Orientation Programme – 2010
      • Delhi University: Training on SPSS – 2012
      • Refresher Course in Economics – 2014
      • ICT Training – 2015


      • Mapping Middle Class in Resurgent India: Perspective and Roles – 2009
      • Impact of Globalization on World Economic Recession – 2009
      • Indraprastha to New Delhi: A Cultural Journey – 2009
      • Global Economic Challenges: Implications for India – 2010
      • Media and New World Order – 2011
      • Human Right in 21st Century: Global Perspective National Challenges – 2012
      • Mergers and Acquisitions: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges – 2012
      • Service led inclusive Growth – 2012
      • Exploring Gandhian World Order – 2013
      • Corporate Social Responsibility: Expectations, Reality and Challenges – 2014
      • Banking Sector Reforms in India: Experience, Opportunities and Challenges – 2015
    • Member of Seminar Committee in 2009
    • Organized various events at Departmental level. Eg. Fresher’s Party, Talk, Departmental Fest, Educational Tour, Farewell, Career Counseling etc.
    • Prepared Students For Inter Centre Dance Competition at NCWEB



  1. Please give a short account of your contribution to:
    1. Community work such as values of National Integration, secularism, democracy, socialism, humanism, peace, scientific temper, flood or drought relief, small family norms etc.: Associated with Bhartiya Yog Sansthan (Regd.)
  2. Positions held/ Leadership role played in organizations linked with Extension work and National Service Scheme (NSS), or NCC or any other similar activity.
    • Convener : Day Care Centre (2014-15) (2015-16)
    • Convener : Gender Sensitization Committee (2014-15) (2015-16)



Please give a short account of your contribution to:

  1. College/ University / Institution :
    • Member of Development and Garden Committee.
    • Convenor of Day Care Centre and Gender Sensitization Committee.
    • Convenor of Eco Fest 2014 and 2015
  2. Co-curricular activities: Organized Eco Fest 2014 and 2015, Seminars, Educational tour and Students Activities at Departmental Level
  3. Enrichment of campus life (hostels, sports, games cultural activities): Member of Sports Committee
  4. Students welfare and Discipline: Member of Discipline Committee
  5. Membership/ Participation in Bodies/ Committees on Education and National Development: Member of the
  • Development Committee – (2013-14)
  • Discipline Committee – (2008-09, 2009-10)
  • Canteen Committee – (2010-11)
  • Garden Committee – (2011-12, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-2016)
  • Sports Committee – (2010-11, 2011-12)
  • Seminar Committee – (2009-10)
  • Cultural Activity Committee – (2010-11, 2013-14)
  • Student Advisory Committee – (2015-16)
  • NPS – (2015-16)
  • NAAC – (2015-16)
  • Governing Body under 10 years – (2015-16)

      in the Shyam Lal College (Evening), University of Delhi.


Any other information:

  • Resource Person in International Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility: Expectations, Reality and Challenges. – 2014
  • Resource Person in International Seminar on Unleashing Potential of Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: Opportunities & Challenges – 2015
  • Member of Editorial Board of Economics Magazine: EcoZine – 2015
  • Convenor of Eco Fest EcoTrees – 2014
  • Convenor of Eco Fest EcoTrees – 2015


Dr. Stuti Gupta