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InspirITi (Computer Science Department Society)

InspirITi, the departmental society of Computer Science, was established in 2016. The name of the society InspirITi comes from the phrase “Inspire IT”. The objective of the society is to inspire the students so that they enhance the knowledge of the field of Computer Science.

The society, in order to achieve its objective, provides a platform to the students of computer science for enhancing their knowledge. The society motivates them to develop and improve their personality . The society guides and prepares them for challenges in the real world.

The membership of the society is provided to all those students of the college, who are being taught a paper of the Computer Science Department.

Since the society is under the ambit of the Department of Computer Science, it is managed by the faculty and the students of Computer Science.


Faculty Supervisor: Ms. Bharti Kumar

President: Soju Tom Varghese

Secretary: Saroj

Treasurer: Deepika Soni

Executive members:

  • Tabassum
  • Harsh Kumar
  • Ayush Kumar
  • Aman Kumar

Events organised