Department of Computer Science: Courses

The department offers the following courses under the CBCS scheme

  • B. A. (Programme): The B.A. (Programme) course is a three year undergraduate course which is offered by the department. The course is offered in conjunction with other departments as the student has to select two subject as his/her streams. For admission into computer science, the student has to select Computer Science as his/her stream. In this course, the student are taught the following papers

    • Discipline: One Discipline is taught every semester who have opted Computer Science as their stream
    • Skill Enhancement Course: Offered to the students of 2nd and 3rd year to students of B. A. (Programme)
    • Generic Elective Course: Offered to 3rd year students who have not selected Computer Science as their stream
  • Generic Elective: In addition to B.A. (Programme), the students admitted in various B.A. (Honors) & B. Com. are offered Computer Science as an Generic Elective option. This is offered to 1st and 2nd year students.

The courses are semester based.

Syllabus for these courses