Department of Computer Science: About

The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2005. The department has more than 200 students under its aegis and endeavors to impart the understanding of computer science to its students. The department tries to inculcate the relevance and the need of computer in today’s times. Moreover, the department tries to enlighten its students about their future carrier prospects.

The department offers admission at the undergraduate level. The students are admitted in B.A. Programme course and are offered Computer Science as one of the stream for selection. Moreover, B.A. Honors students are also offered Computer Science as subject in Generic Elective.

The department has Computer Labs, which are available for Faculties and Students. In addition to the classes being held, the Faculties and the students can access these for any academic work.

Also, the department has established a departmental society, namely, InspirITi, which is for the students of computer science. The society organizes various events for events for the students.

There are five Faculty in the department, out of which, two Faculty are permanent. The aim of the faculty is to provide quality education to all the students. Also, the faculty has produced quality research work, which has been published in various reputed international journals.

Brief Faculty Profile