Amour’s Journey

Since it’s inception in 2014 the commerce society was always active thriving for its objectives and accomplishing the mission. Cyril Cia Thomas leading from the students’ side was the first ever President of the commerce society serving for continuously two academic years (2014-15-16). Commerce society started its journey with merely a total no. of 32 student members and today it’s a huge family of 172 students due to the conceited efforts of never ending influence of Dr. Kamlesh Atri , Dr. Manu Umesh and Dr. Aditya P. Tripathi  leading from the faculty wing for academic year 2016-17 and 2015-16 respectively.

On the students side it were Cyril Cia Thomas, Bariz Akhtar & Abhinav Jain whose everlasting influence over their peers and juniors are still there with the ideology keep developing shown in the work of their juniors now.

Commerce society held several seminars and its first ever department fest named “Initium”. During its first ever fest commerce holds the privilege of launching its own logo creating its unique identity with the motto engraved upon it “El amorpara el comercia” which loosely translates to “Love for the Commerce”.

Every year commerce society holds a one week workshop on Skill Development in which students from not only commerce department but other department also participate in the workshop. Since last two years commerce society has been able to attract the bunch of students of different departments and colleges of Delhi University to participate in its different events.

There has been several ups and downs but commerce society spread its wings throughout the length and breadth. Watching the pressure upon the students to handle all the activities along with their studies the HOD of the Department of Commerce Dr. Manu Umesh and Convenor of the society Mr. Kamlesh Attri came up to a conclusion to fix the hierarchy in an innovative way so that every position could be assisted by a co- mate at the same position. So they selected Harshita Sharma as the President of the society along with other students at the hierarchy which are as follows:

Vice President- Rachna Pathak, Rahul Shukla

General Secretary- Shubham Aggarwal, Neerav Mehta

Joint Secretary- Bhaskar Thakur, Nitish Batra

The academic year came out to be a really busy academic year of the society with the efforts of the above mentioned students. There were several events during the first half and second half of the session which came up to be a great success proving to be a milestone and source of inspiration to other societies as well. The commerce society holds the pride of managing the events of two other societies as well which came out to be a great success.

The most commendable work in the both the other societies’ events provided by the Commerce society was its Creative & Decoration team managed by Ayush Agarwal, Harshita Mehra and Mohit Dhamija. Not only on the creative side but competitive events were a great success due to Garima Gupta, Neerav Mehta and their team.