Oct 30

Department of Commerce ,An Industrial Visit to “Liberty Shoe Limited, Karnal, Haryana” 2018

Department of Commerce, Shyam Lal College (Evening) Organized an Industrial Visit to “Liberty Shoe Limited, Karnal, Haryana” for B.COM 3rd year students on 04th October, 2018. This trip was organized with guidance of Mr. J.K. Bareja and Mr. Rajender (TIC of Commerce Department) with Dr. Rekha Kashyap, Ms. Ritika and Mr. Tek Chand who accompanied 52 students for this visit. Through this visit, students were able to get a firsthand experience of entire production process of shoe industry. They learned how a shoe production is done starting from leather cutting, drafting the leather in specified niche, fixing the sole into footwear, final proceedings including packaging etc. The operators of technical machines gave precise demonstration by practically showing the operational activities. Finally, the facilitator took a comprehensive session in which he cleared all the doubts of students. We left the industry after having a delicious lunch arranged by Liberty Company.
After this we visited ‘Dharohar Museum’ located on Kurukshetra University campus. This museum showcase the matchless cultural, architectural and archaeological hertitage of Haryana.
On way back, we took a short break at ‘Brahma Sarovar’, Asia’s largest man made pond. This pond is the most beautiful and breathtaking site in Kurukshetra city.